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Protection Program against COVID-19

Naturopathic Services and Programs
Protection Program against COVID-19

Naturopathy excludes the use of any pharmaceutical product and bases its care on the exclusive use of natural resources (dietetics, lifestyle, herbal medicine, fasting,  sun, clean air, water, massage, blood cell analysis, etc.).


We offer different naturopathic services: Personal Lifestyle Counseling, Diet Counseling and Diet Therapy, Detoxification and Treating Environmental Toxicities, and Nutrition Counseling. 


Also, we have a wide range of naturopathic program to our clients. The most popular are General Health and Health assessment, Weight Loss, Pregnancy Preparation, Skin Problems, Hormonal Imbalance, Poor Immune System, Lifespan Program, Diabetes, Cardio Vascular, and Oncological Protection.


To support the healing process, we use only high quality herb products from over 300 top professional-brands!


These ones are combined uniquely for each and every patient to create a treatment plan reflecting their individual health concerns, priorities, lifestyle demands and any other challenges or obstacles that may be present.


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Live Cell Analysis or Dark Field Blood Analysis is a blood test that assist your natural healing practitioner in determining your current general state of health and how you are progressing in your care.

During the procedure, a single drop of blood is taken from a finger and placed on a microscopic slide. The blood is then projected onto a screen to it can be seen. Different cell shapes and extra cellular formations and their meanings will be discussed.


We can discribe heart and pancreas stress, digestive issues, atherosclerotic predisposition, alergic state, intestinal bacteria overgrown and disbacteriosis signs, fungal conditions, possible parasites and candida, immune suppression, toxicity and pH imbalances, lack of vitamins and minerals, predisposition to chronic, degenerative and oncological diseases.


This is an interactive procedure and an action plan  is developed, based on the blood's appearence and individual goals/abilities to improve the look of blood.


Specific recommendations will be made to improve health as well as decrease toxicity. Once the blood improves, the whole health improves.


Whether you are suffering from general health conditions or any specific unresolved health issue, we are looking forward to collaborating with you. We offer a wide range of wellness programs such as General Health, Detoxification, Weight Loss, Pregnancy Preparation, Skin Problems, Hormonal Imbalance, Sex Problems, Immune System Support, Lifespan Program, Diabetes, Cardio Vascular, Oncological Protection, and Difficult Cases.

Your path to health starts here!


Our receipts are covered by most of insurance companies like Great West Life, Sun Life, Desjardins, SSQ etc.  

For more information about this service, please click on the following link:


NATAPRO - Dark Field Microscopy


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