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Osteopathy Services
  • Fascial, cranial, cranio-sacral and general osteopathic techniques (GOT)

  • Visceral, joint and muscular techniques (including strain/counterstrain)

  • Gynecological techniques (external only)

  • Paediatric and obstetric techniques (pregnant women, babies and children)

  • Techniques for the TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint), for the ENT and balance

  • Recommendations, exercises and advice

What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a form of manual, preventive and curative alternative medicine, aimed at re-establishing the mobility and functionality of the body in order to speed up its self-regulating capacity.


Who can benefit from osteopathy ?

It can benefit anyone and treats problems from head to heels. Although the osteopath does not provide a medical diagnosis, he is capable of identifying medical emergencies and referring to another health professional when needed. He also adapts his interventions to the various contraindications and/or health conditions of the client. Since he is considering the overall health of the person, he works in partnership with the other approaches (alternative and traditional) and does not claim to relieve everything. 

How can osteopathy help you?

This therapeutic approach is based on anatomy and on the physiology of the human body. It helps the patient's self-healing processes by freeing the body from its constrictions and dysfunctions.

The distinctiveness of osteopathy resides in the analysis of the relations between the various systems in order to better understand the injuries associated with the symptoms.

The osteopath seeks to identify and understand the origin of problems and dysfunctions in order to restore mobility to the body's various structures.

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