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Our clinic, Physio du Plateau de la Capitale, has been offering services in the field of rehabilitation since 2005, ensuring that interventions are carried out by certified and qualified therapists.

Physio du Plateau offers interventions directly in the clinic, at home or in the workplace (based on your condition). It handles follow-ups recommended by the SAAQ, the CSST, the WSIB, Blue Cross, the CIC as well as by various private insurance companies.


Our clinic, Physio du Plateau, has as its mission to: 

  • greet you in a friendly and warm environment;

  • guide you in your health initiative;

  • offer follow-ups in physical and/or mental health;

  • provide therapy based on scientific evidence;

  • assist you through the rehabilitation process.


Our clinic, Physio du Plateau, brings together specialists from many fields to accompany you towards overall health:

Why come to see us?​

  • You have a medical prescription for assessment and treatment​

  • You need radial shock wave treatment​

  • You have had a work-related accident 

  • You have had a traffic accident​

  • You have had a sports injury​

  • You have reduced autonomy because of a health condition

  • You are suffering from depression, burn out or anxiety disorder that affects your autonomy on a daily basis

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