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Facia Therapy Services
  • Light traction

  • Kneading-rolling

  • Various massage techniques

Our Fascia Therapist


What is fascia therapy??

Fascia therapy is a manual therapy with deep, gentle action that can be used on any major inflammation, or for acute pain and severe blockages. It works on the body as a whole (joints, ligaments, bones, muscles, arteries, viscera) in particular on the "fascias", the fine membranes that wrap those various elements.

The body contains a series of memories of physical and psychological shocks that are kept for a long time after they have happened. Fascia therapy helps to get rid of those memories. The therapeutic action assists the body's intrinsic self-regulation process by the establishment of internal tissue movements and the resulting tone modulations. 

Who can benefit from fascia therapy?

Fascia therapy can benefit all people of all ages.

It is aimed in particular at patients with acute stress conditions, going through an illness or with symptoms of severe or chronic pain.

How can fascia therapy help you?

Fascia therapy has curative properties through tension release, pain reduction, decrease in the number of blockages, realignment of the body's tension patterns and finally the re-equilibration of tissue tone. It also has educational value, helping to change your relationship with pain, your relationship with your body and creating a positive relationship with yourself.   

​Fascia therapy is with you throughout your condition's psychosocial process, takes risk factors into consideration and suggests resolution strategies.

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